Assam sought help from ISRO for satellite mapping of untapped minerals

In a major bid, the Assam Government has sought the technical support and help from the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) for necessary satellite mapping for the untouched mineral deposits in various parts of the state.

Due to lack of required technology and know-how, these mineral deposits are lying untapped, so far and that’s the reason, the Assam government has sought the help from ISRO; specifically for technical support for the identification and subsequent exploration of such unexploited mineral resources.

According to a reliable source from the government, “The revenue generated from mineral resources is one of the major sources of income for the state government. But this has come down as the present reserves in our state have reached saturation. So the department has decided to carry out proper mapping of new reserves of crude oil, natural gas, limestone, iron ore, granite and others.”

The source also added that the conventional method of geotechnical mapping, which are now being followed in the state is not sufficient for getting the exact and intended result, therefore, the government has now approached ISRO for conducting the satellite imagery mapping of mineral deposits.

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