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India’s fuel demand rose 7.5% in December

While crude oil price is seeing an upward move in the international market; India’s demand for fuel has risen to 7.5% in December 2017, compared to the demand of December 2016. According to the data,…

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LPG Gas Cylinder Prices in 4 Cities after Latest Revision

After the latest revision, the LPG price has entered into the band of Rs. 713.50-759.50 per cylinder for non-subsidized and Rs. 483.69-498.43 for subsidized cooking gas, in four major cities i.e. Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and…

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The Coming Revolution in LNG Pricing

Even if it’s a fossil fuel, natural gas burns cleaner than coal. Even if it has been hardly feasible to transport it long distance and overseas in its natural state, a process to cool it…