Closer links with Iran part of India’s wider economic vision

At least nine agreements have signed between India and Iran at the time of the recent visit of Iranian President, Hassan Rouhani. According to the agreement, India will expand its present and future operations in the strategically located port of Chabahar in the Southern part of Iran.

Iran is now under the sanction of American government, therefore, both India and Iran now exploring the idea of further Indian investments through the route of the rupee, which may not attract the American ire since the transactions of Dollar are now shunned.

However, it could be noted that the American government had indicated last year that it would not be in opposition to the business ties between Iran and India, therefore, it can be expected that the US will not make any effort to destabilize the business interests between these two countries.

Both Iran and India will be benefitted from these bilateral agreements; while Iran will get an opportunity to break out the diplomatic isolation, due to American sanctions, India as well gains the transit routes through Iran to Central Asia and Afghanistan, bypassing Pakistan.

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