Environmentalists asked IOC to abandon LPG terminal project at Puthuvype

A group of environmentalists, led by V. S. Vijayan, former chairman of the Kerala Biodiversity Board, asked Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. (IOC) to abandon the construction of its receiving jetty and storage facility project work on the Puthuvype Island.

According to the press statement, issued by the group on Monday; this kind of a project cannot be viable in such a densely populated area, where the flora and fauna will be at stake for this kind of an unnecessary project.

It could be noted that at the time of its inception in 2008; approximately 70% of the 4.5 lakh tones LPG, which was produced in the Kochi refinery of the BPCL, being supplied in Kerala. Now, with the capacity expansion of the same refinery, the production of the LPG will be escalated to 1.17 crore tones.

According to the study, made by this group of environmentalists; in the project area, there were 204 numbers of plant species, 138 species of various kinds of birds, 21 varieties of fish and almost 15 hectres of land had already been destroyed, which should be taken in to account for scrapping this project.

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