India proposes 70% safeguard duty on solar imports from China, Malaysia

In the recent development in the renewable energy sector; India, the biggest importer of the China-made solar modules and equipment, proposed a whopping 70% safeguard duty on solar cells and modules shipped from Malaysia and China.

In response to the appeal, made by five domestic manufacturers, the Directorate General of Safeguards, Customs and Central Excise have made this exemplary proposal of imposing safeguard duty, with a recommendation of keeping this effective for at least 200 days, from the date of commencement.

According to the government note, issued on the last month; India’s production capacity is approximately 3 gigawatts (GW), while the requirement is of 20 GW, which is the reason of importing equipment from external sources.

The Finance Ministry in their note, citing the job loss potential due to the import of solar equipment, said: “Existing critical circumstances justify the immediate imposition of a provisional safeguard duty in order to save the domestic industry from further serious injury, which would be difficult to repair.”

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