India’s fuel demand rose 7.5% in December

While crude oil price is seeing an upward move in the international market; India’s demand for fuel has risen to 7.5% in December 2017, compared to the demand of December 2016.

According to the data, available from the Petroleum and Planning Analysis Cell (PPAC) of the Union Petroleum and Natural Gas Ministry showed; the consumption of fuel that is considered as the proxy for the oil demand is 17.39 million tonnes in totality.

While overall cumulative demand hike is 7.5%, the sales of Petrol and Gasoline have a growth of 10.3 percent more from the last year of the same period. The quantum of the sales is 2.17 million tonnes.

During the same period only the Naphtha sales fell about 1.4% and came down to 1.02 million tones; while the Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), the cooking gas, sales increased 6.0% to 2.06 million tones and the Bitumen, used for the road constructions, sales rose 3.7% to 1.02 million tonnes.

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