India’s role in the bio-economy sector

On February 26 and 27, an International Conference on Sustainable Biofuels 2018, referred as ICSB 2018, is going to e organized in New Delhi, with an intention to adopt strategies on worldwide clean fuels, as a practical and viable alternative to diesel and petrol.

It is reported that this conference will be jointly organized by Mission Innovation (MI) and BioFuture Platform (BP), which are known for their devotion to the proper advancement of the energy from renewable sources.

It could be noted that while BioFuture Platform has its focus on scaling up of the installing of fuels of low-emission nature like biodiesel and ethanol, Mission Innovation is engaged in the development of the inventive technology of renewable energy.

With the intersection of the efforts of both organizations, the ICSB 2018 is all set to witness significant debates, covering most hi-tech and most modern research, along with, progress in the domain of biofuels, including bio-hydrogen, second-generation ethanol (E2G) and algae-based biodiesel.

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