Iran wants to share petroleum products in India: Iranian President

During the state visit in India, Dr. Hasaan Rouhani, the Iranian President, said that the Government of Iran is ready to share its petroleum products; including gas, oil and other energy sources, as part of their business expansion ties with India.

Dr. Hasaan Rouhani, while addressing a huge gathering in the Macca Masjid at Hyderabad, said, “Iran is a country which is rich in oil, gas and energy. Iran is ready to share its share its oil, gas and energy resources for the development and progress of India.”

He also expressed his vision that Afghanistan and other countries in Central Asia will be benefitted by the development of the Chabahar Port in the Southeastern part of Iran, which will be the nearest sea link to the Indian Ocean that is now being developed by India.

The President is also pointed out that the bilateral relation and cooperation between Iran and India, in sectors such as; Agriculture, Industry and new technology development, will help both countries to accomplish their common goals.

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