Natural Gas is Beaten by Solar Energy

In the current scenario, researchers have narrowed down their rummage for renewable energy to the solar power segment, which has the potential of beating the existing dependence on natural gas and other fossil sources.

Future of the solar energy development and use is very bright in India, while major economies, throughout the world, are focusing on various forms of renewable energy sources, e.g., solar and wind power.

Being a country in the tropical region, India has the favorable condition of exploring the creation of the energy from the origin of all energies i.e. sun, which is the reason India, is looking for the low-cost, profitable and viable option of solar energy.

 It can be noted with pride that the solar power plant in Kamuthi, Tamil Nadu is the largest one in the world, which is having the massive capacity of 648 megawatts (MW), while its area covering about 10 square kilometers.

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