South Korea Starts Phasing Out Five Coal Plants to Reduce Fine Particles

It is now in the news that South Korea is going to shut down five number of coal plants, those are almost 30-years old, in the second quarter of this year, with an intention to reduce the massive amount of fine particle in the environment, as per information from energy ministry.

This shutdown will be of temporary nature and will be from March to June this year and within this time the government will analyze the effect of this shutdown on air quality, while there will be additional support for emergency and higher demand of power.

The combined capacity of these five plants is 2.3 gigawatts (GW), which is actually 2% of the total electricity production of South Korea. There is an expectation that this shutdown will be able to reduce the particulate matter by 813 tons in the air.

South Korean Government’s Energy Ministry took this decision to as part of their efforts to cut down the dependence on coal and to substitute the coal and nuclear energy plants to renewable energy.

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