Telangana plans for storing solar power energy in batteries

Telangana is now the frontrunner in the segment of solar power capacity with an encouraging production of 3,250 megawatts (MW) and now followed by states e.g. Rajasthan with 2,250 MW, Andhra Pradesh with 2,045 MW and Gujarat with 1,715 MW of solar power capacity.

After achieving its goal in the solar power capacity, Telangana is now planning for the storage of the solar power production with effective and modern battery assistance, which could be the breakthrough in the renewable energy segment.

It is well-known fact that there is a disparity between the electricity generation and peak demand for the solar power; this is the reason that the state is now looking for a viable technological solution for storing the solar energy, with an intention to use it at the time of peak demand.

 D Prabhakar Rao, chairman and managing director (CMD) of Telangana Transco and Genco said, “We get peak demand in the morning when the solar energy generation is low. But by afternoon, we are able to produce about 1,720 MW of solar energy with the installed capacity of 3,250 MW. We are studying various options including battery storage systems to utilize total solar power capacity.”

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